High-Conflict Child Custody

Scottsdale Child Custody Attorney Helps with High-Conflict Matters

Arizona divorce lawyer skilled in resolution of parenting disputes

A divorce proceeding becomes more contentious and stressful when spouses cannot come to terms on parenting issues like custody and visitation. Often, custody issues are used as bargaining chips to secure other concessions, such as more favorable support or property division. Mark Cord is a Scottsdale child custody attorney experienced in resolving high-conflict custody cases by applying proven strategies to protect clients’ rights while keeping the best interests of the children in focus.

What are the signs of high-conflict custody?

Battles over child custody during a divorce can arise from many sources of disagreement, many of which have little to do with the children. When you and your spouse are at odds over how property will be divided and how much spousal support will be paid, disputes over custody and visitation can take on greater significance. It is important to recognize the signs of a high-conflict custody case. They may include angry exchanges, refusal to enter settlement discussions, continued raising of disputes over factual issues, allegations of poor parenting and inappropriate behavior and general refusal to yield on demands for custody and visitation rights. Mark Cord knows how to spot these warnings and take the measures necessary to keep the case on track. This includes use of techniques like mediation to isolate the disputed issues and work out a sensible plan to resolve them.

How custody disputes can impact children

Divorce alone is difficult enough for the children of the marriage but is made worse when they are the subject of fighting between their parents. The conflict can cause emotional disturbance, depression, social withdrawal, poor performance and unruly behavior at school and, in some cases, drug or alcohol abuse. In any custody case, the main objective of the court is to protect the children and impose arrangements that are in their best interests. These goals become even more paramount when the health and safety of the children are threatened. As an experienced high-conflict custody attorney, Mark Cord works to prevent children from becoming victims of their parents’ battles during divorce. This includes seeking help from child therapists and other counselors to ease the pressure on the children.

The importance of a well-crafted parenting plan

The best option for resolving a custody dispute is to create a parenting plan, a written agreement that sets out the parents’ mutual rights and responsibilities in raising their children. Different arrangements can be made, including co-parenting, which involves joint decision-making on key issues, and parallel parenting, a model that allows both parents to be involved in their children’s lives separately, thereby avoiding potential arguments in front of the children. Mark Cord can help you decide on the most workable type of arrangement and draft an agreement that implements it.

When the spouses cannot or refuse to come to terms on a parenting plan on their own, a parenting coordinator is an option to consider. Arizona court rules provide for the use of trained professional parenting coordinators in any family law case where children are involved. A parenting coordinator seeks ways to resolve conflicts between parents that may cause harm to the children. But a coordinator also serves as a counselor, helping parents find ways to make child-related decisions together without animosity. Parents can jointly agree to a parenting coordinator or a judge can appoint one. Either way, it can greatly reduce the time and resources needed to resolve contested custody matters.

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