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Children deserve to have the love and financial support of both parents, but sometimes fatherhood is unproven. When paternity is in doubt, genetic testing may be your best option. Whether you are a mother seeking child support from a child’s father, a father seeking to confirm his right to bond with his child, or a man being falsely named as the father of a child, Mark Cord, one of the rare attorneys certified as a family law specialist by the Arizona State Bar, can assist you. From his office in Scottsdale, he has been serving people throughout the greater Phoenix area for more than 40 years, and he is ready to put his knowledge of paternity law to work for you.

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Paternity, the biological connection between a father and child, must be proven in order to legally bind a father to his child, giving them both certain rights, and giving the father specific responsibilities. Paternity can be uncertain or disputed in some circumstances, but that legal relationship can be crucial for the child, so it is rarely advisable to make it a matter of conjecture. For a child born out of wedlock, not having proof of paternity can affect the ability to obtain the following from his or her father:

  • Inheritance
  • Social Security benefits
  • Child support
  • Genetic information that might be important to diagnose or treat a medical condition
  • A father-child bond
  • A child custody determination that respects both fathers’ and mothers’ rights

Proving paternity may be essential to the child’s best interests, but it may also be essential for an alleged father who is being unfairly accused of bringing a child into the world out of wedlock. Proving that he is not the father, or that he is, can have a dramatic impact on the rest of both parents’ lives, but most important is that the child obtains what he or she deserves from both parents. When proving or disproving paternity is essential, you can rely on Mark Cord to represent your interests.

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In Arizona, the father of the child may voluntarily sign an acknowledgement of paternity at the hospital or thereafter if he is not married to the mother of the child. However, if the paternity is uncertain or the alleged father is uncooperative, genetic testing and a court hearing may be required to establish paternity, even if it must be done so involuntarily. Whether you are claiming or denying paternity, or if you did not get the results you expected and now need to protect your rights and interests, Mark Cord has the experience and knowledge to guide you throughout this challenging family law matter.

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For more than 40 years, attorney Mark Cord in Scottsdale, Arizona has been handling paternity cases and other family law matters throughout the greater Phoenix area. Call Mark today at 480-994-0345 or contact his office online to schedule your free initial consultation.