Divorce With(Out) Dignity, A Divorce Lawyer’s View 

Mr CordMark Cord is the Author of “Divorce With(Out) Dignity, A Divorce Lawyer’s View”.


The title Divorce With(out)Dignity reflects your choice. Divorce with dignity does not have to be an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp, airline food, military intelligence, postal service – a contradiction in terms, words having opposite meaning and effect. Divorce with dignity is possible. It is also infrequent.

Divorce with dignity occurs more often in marriages of convenience where there is a clear ulterior motive for the marriage – US citizenship, conceiving a child. These divorcing couples stay fairly calm when there has been no love, no genuine concern, no strong emotional attachment. Similarly, couples who arrive at the decision to divorce at the same time manage to fare better than others – not much consolation if you have just been conveniently thrown out of your home or conveniently replaced by a younger wo(man); and no consolation whatsoever if your mate of 10 years wants out of your marriage right now, but you don’t, and you can’t agree on the kids, the house, the pension, alimony, child support or even who gets the family dog.

Under these circumstances how can you maintain the high dignified road? How can you tell if you are? More frighteningly, why would you want to? The answer to the last question is simple: you save money and, more importantly, you don’t lose your mind. After all, how important is money if you end up unhappy, angry, crazy, institutionalized, in jail or even dead?

Assuming you want to maintain your dignity throughout perhaps the most harrowing emotional experience thus far in your life, then read on. The table of contents and chapter headings of this book describe the most common fears and concerns of clients who have gone before you. Ultimately, how clients deal with these fears and concerns makes the difference between lingering sorrow and ultimate happiness, between financial ruin and a fresh start with money in the bank.

Law professors teach through a simple technique – they tell stories. It’s called the case book method of instruction. The stories they tell contain legal principles. Remember the stories, remember the law. The same technique is used in the short stories that follow. Facts and names have been altered where necessary to protect the guilty.

As you read realize you have a conscience and self-controllable choice. Let your common sense, not your primal instincts, lead you to the dignified way. The result will minimize the financial and emotional costs of your divorce.

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